The B+W filter manufacturing company was found- ed in Berlin in 1947 by business partners Biermann and Weber. In 1985 the merger with the Jos. Schnei- der Optical Works in Bad Kreuznach expanded the B+W line of products with optical filters for science and technology. It also generated significant progress in multi-layer coating systems (MC). As a result, B+W became the first manufacturer of filters in the world to offer the innovative water- and dirt repel- ling MRC multi-layer coating process, which, in addi- tion to its reflection-preventing qualities is also re- garded as being especially scratch-resistant.

Filters solve a great variety of tasks in photography. They match the illumination to the type of color film; they enhance contrast and colors; they attenu- ate the amount of incoming light; they can make the structures invisible to our eyes visible to the film; and they offer numerous optical effects for creative composition or for abstractions. Filters make it pos- sible to achieve photographs that simply could not be made without them, and many of them could not be accomplished with subsequent digital image manipulation! The same applies to direct digital photography. B+W therefore provides digital imag- ing filters in diameters and designs suitable for lens- es on most current digital cameras and camcorders.

In order to deliver optimal image quality and to safeguard the high demands of lens/camera manu- facturers, B+W glass filters are manufactured virtu- ally exclusively from glass supplied by the German Schott Group.

In Bad Kreuznach, the most modern fabrication ma- chines produce highly precise filters in an impressive variety of types and diameters. Quality controls are integrated at all key stages of the production pro- cess, and a final inspection of every individual filter ensures the renowned high B+W quality standard. At B+W, our commitment to our guarantee and service are taken seriously. Continuous improve- ments and new developments enable users to achieve their best possible images. By comparison, a cheap filter can reduce the imaging performance of a high-quality lens quite dramatically! Therefore, consider the quality of a filter as seriously as you would consider the choice of your lenses – look for the B+W brand, because the quality of the image depends upon what is in front of the lens! 

B+W filters have been improving photographs for more than 50 years. The merger with the Jos. Schneider Optical Works of Bad Kreuznach expanded the line of products with optical filters for science and technology. It also led to decisive progress in multi-coating systems.

As a result, the performance of B+W filters is on a par with the high imaging qualities of modern lenses. Reflection- reducing multi-coatings ensure faithful and differentiated reproduction of contrast and color brilliance. The new Multi Resistant Coating System (MRC) complements the existing coating process by means of an additional top layer that produces dramatic results: The adhesion of moisture, dust and other dirt particles is reduced and the scratch-resistance of the surface is increased at the same time.

Today, computer-controlled and thus highly precise coating installations of the latest generation also guarantee improved and considerably more stable and harder coatings of B+W filters. In addition, the virtually exclusive use of high-grade optical glass from the renowned Schott Company is also essential to the high quality of B+W filters, as is the precise plano- parallel polishing of filter surfaces.

Constant quality controls during manufacturing and an obligatory final inspection of every filter before it is sent to distribution assure the re- nowned high quality standard – The term ”Guarantee“ is taken very seri- ously at B+W. A supposedly attractively inexpensive filter, on the other hand, can easily degrade the good imaging performance of a lens. Image quality really does already begin before the lens!

Not only the high optical performance is important to measure the quality of a filter. Important as well are material and quality of production of the filter holder. This is why B+W in production only uses metal, precisely turned on CNC-controlled machines, almost without production tolerances. The solid metal holder as well as the precise screw thread are guarantee for a long filter life. 

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