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GP Batteries International Limited is a company primarily focused on creating, making, and selling batteries and related products. It was established as part of the Gold Peak Technology Group in Hong Kong. Over time, GP Batteries has grown rapidly and become a major global provider of both disposable and rechargeable batteries. It's also one of the largest manufacturers of consumer batteries in China. They supply a wide variety of battery products to different types of customers, including other battery companies and companies that use batteries in their products. They also sell batteries directly to consumers under their own GP brand.

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Energize Your Devices with GP Batteries' Top Products

Discover the best-selling products from GP Batteries, a trusted brand known for its reliable and high-performance power solutions.

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GP Batteries

Long-Lasting Power with GP Batteries

To produce their batteries, GP Batteries has manufacturing facilities in China, Vietnam, and Malaysia. These facilities are supported by offices for marketing and trading in different parts of Asia, Europe, and North America. Overall, GP Batteries employs around 5,200 people all around the world and operates in facilities that cover a combined area of approximately 307,800 square meters. This extensive global presence allows them to serve a wide range of customers and markets with their battery products.

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