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Pentax, The Future of Photography

PENTAX, originally founded as Asahi Optical Joint Stock Co., has a rich history that began with the production of eyeglass lenses. Over time, the company applied its advanced lens polishing and coating techniques to create various products, including projection lenses, binoculars, and camera lenses.

In a significant milestone in 1952, PENTAX introduced the "Asahiflex I," Japan's first domestically produced single-lens reflex camera. This marked a pivotal moment for PENTAX, transitioning from a lens manufacturer to a globally recognized pioneer in single-lens reflex cameras.

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Explore the vast range of best-selling PENTAX products, each offering a unique blend of innovative technology and exceptional image quality.

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PENTAX was the first camera manufacturer in Japan to produce an SLR camera, providing users with the joy of photography and the thrill of image creation.

Today, PENTAX remains steadfast in its commitment to the future of SLR photography, continually advancing camera technology to make the experience more enjoyable and exciting for all PENTAX users.

The central theme that drives the company is its dedication to “doing what others have never done before”. This passion has been handed down through generations to today's PENTAX developers, all united in their mission to broaden the possibilities for creators.

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